The 8th Annual Firefly Ride in Tokyo. Sept 17, 2022.

Byron Kidd

 Tokyo's 8th Annual Firefly Ride event will take place on Saturday September 17th from 18:00 starting at the United Nations University in Aoyama.

The Firefly Ride is an annual social group ride organised by the Cycling Embassy of Japan and Night Pedal Cruising at which participants can enjoy decorating their bicycles with lights and sound to create a grand spectacle as they cycle the streets of Tokyo. The Firefly Ride aims to promote the fun, friendly and social side of cycling. In a city where cycling is so much a normal part of everyday life that it fades into the background, for one night of the year we wish to bring it to the forefront and celebrate cycling as a social activity that can be enjoyed by all.

The route this year is a little longer than usual at roughly 25Km, but don't let that put you off. We cycle at a leisurely pace taking many breaks along the way to rest, chat, take photographs and just enjoy the vibe of the different areas of the city we visit. We keep the ride very casual.

The Firefly Ride will start at the United Nations University Aoyama and travel around the city to some familiar Night Pedal Cruising locations, including Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge for the shutterbugs. Once we reach Tokyo Tower we will meander along the shore and up the Meguro River until we end at Yoyogi Park. The key word here is "meander".

How long will the ride take? We don't know, we aren't in a hurry, lets just let the city buzz around us as we take our time.

All ages are welcome, but please be aware of the distance, and that we will cycle on the roads amongst traffic if you are planning to bring your children with you. 

Also as an added bonus, at this years Firefly Ride participants will be able to participate in an AR Stamp Rally, so charge up your phone and get ready to catch some Pokemon! Wait, no, not that .. I'm still foggy on the details myself but can't wait to try it out this innovation developed by Chad Feyen of Freewheeling Japan.

As COVID is still a thing, and wearing masks in group situations is customary, please bring a mask with you and don it at the appropriate times. Also, it goes without saying, if you have a temperature before the ride then stay home and watch it on TV (Wait, what?) and we'll welcome you back next year!

I look forward to meeting you all at the 8th Annual Firefly Ride in Tokyo!


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