The 78 Bollards of the Tamako Cycling Road, Tokyo.

Byron Kidd

The Tamako Cycling Road is one of my favorite rides in Tokyo.

This is a route I discovered as a newbie to cycling, and indeed Japan, way back in 1997 and has been a comfortable fall back route when I'm looking for a stress free ride out to a spot of nature by the lakes of Tamako and Sayamako on the Tokyo/Saitama border.

Now I say stress free, but that's relative to what stresses you.

You see, along the 10km of the Tamako Cycling Road you will encounter no less than 78 bollards.

On a recent ride with partner in crime Chad Feyen I suggested he film each of the bollards and make a "Bollard Supercut". In my mind I imagined a fast pace angst filled video set to a thrash metal soundtrack conveying the stress of having to deal with the all to frequent interruptions to our ride. I figured it'd be a quick, entertaining, laugh.

But Chad, you see, is an adult, a professional who took the footage he shot that day and created a thoughtful and insightful 10 minute video introducing you to the Tamako Cycling Road and its ever present bollards, discussing why the bollards exist, their benefit and detractions.

If you think a 10 minute video about bollards is a real snoozefest, think again, Chad has some valuable insights and provides a more thoughtful commentary other than simply "bollards bad, slow me down". 

Please do give it a "like", and subscribe for more (very infrequent, sorry!) videos from the Cycling Embassy of Japan.


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