May 15, 2009

Yet Another Abandoned Bicycle

A cheap and nasty dual suspension mountain bike has been abandoned about 30m away from our apartment. Its been sitting out there, exposed to the elements, with its pringled rear wheel for well over 2 months now.

The frame doesn't appear to have been bent out of shape by whatever caused the rear wheel to fold over, so all it needs is a new wheel fitted, some air in the tires, a little lubrication and its good to go. Unfortunately the type of person who buys such a cheap and nasty MTB in Tokyo is the type of person who wouldn't even consider fitting a new wheel when a new cheap and nasty mountain bike is so .. well, cheap.

Eventually the bike will be removed, maybe it will make its way to Suginami Green Cycle for recycling, or maybe it will be crushed along with so many others. Or maybe, just maybe, in the dead of night someone with a little mechanical skill and a passion for bicycles of all shapes, sizes and makes will quietly take it away, repair it and pass it on to one of the children in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately if that someone isn't me I can see this bike going to the crusher.


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