April 09, 2009

Buying a Second Hand Bicycle in Tokyo - Suginami Green Cycle Open Day Calendar

Buying a second hand bicycle in Tokyo is certainly a great option for anyone looking for a good deal on a reasonable every day bike. Suginami Green Cycle as mentioned in my post "Buying a Reconditioned Bicycle in Tokyo" offer second hand reconditioned bicycles for between Y6,500 and Y10,000 except in special cases when the price may rise to Y15,000 for a well known brand in good condition.

As mentioned in the previous article Sugunami Green Cycle are open to customers for 3 days each month but their timetable is a little unpredictable. Yesterday my wife was in the area and she stopped by to ask if they had an open day calendar for the upcoming months, indeed they do, and here it is:

May 200918 (Mon.)19 (Tues.)20 (Wed.)
June 200915 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)
July 200921 (Tues.)22 (Wed.)23 (Thurs.)
August 200917 (Mon.)18 (Tues.)19 (Wed.)
September 200914 (Mon.)15 (Tues.)16 (Wed.)
October 200919 (Mon.)20 (Tues.)21 (Wed.)
November 200916 (Mon.)17 (Tues.)18 (Wed.)
December 200914 (Mon.)15 (Tues.)16 (Wed.)
January 201018 (Mon.)19 (Tues.)20 (Wed.)
February 201015 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)
March 201015 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)

On the days listed above Suginami Green Cycle is open from 11am to 4pm, and these are the only days you can purchase second hand bicycles, but you're free to drop in a few days before the sale to check out their stock.

Suginami Green Cycle and is located at Eifuku 2-1-11 just 10 minutes walk from Eifuku Station on the Keio Inokashira line or Shimotakaido on the Keio line. Call 03-3327-2287 for more information.

Staffed by friendly bicycle loving retirees giving something back to the community Suginami Green Cycle is definitely worth a visit if you're in the market for a second hand bicycle in Tokyo.


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