Seriously Tokyo what is this shit?

Byron Kidd
So five of us were cycling to Setagaya-ku's famous Boro-ichi Market this morning when we came upon some of the most obscene graffiti insulting cyclists that I've ever seen :

Seriously Tokyo what is this shit? Were you holding a precision painting competition and this was the winner? Were supplies of blue paint so low you could not afford to paint a full width bicycle lane?

Seriously Tokyo, do you think paint keeps us safe? Do you think this crap will get cyclists off the sidewalks and on to the roads?

Why not simply use the paint to write "Fuck you cyclists!" in big blue letters down the middle of the road?

Seriously Tokyo, you know Denmark and the Netherlands have already worked the kinks out of cycling infrastructure so you don't have to right?

Stop wasting our taxes on this worthless crap and hire a consultant to teach you how to get it right. Its cycling infrastructure not rocket science.

Seriously Tokyo, get your shit together.

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