Vikings Don Your Helmets for the NPC Spring Safety Ride!

Byron Kidd
Spring, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police department are holding their semi annual road safety campaign.

This month the Night Pedal Cruising Crew will hold a special Spring Traffic Safety Campaign Helmet Ride because that's the kind of fine upstanding citizens we are.

As we are not required by law to wear helmets when cycling in Tokyo and around Japan for many wearing a helmet is like getting dressed up for a fancy dress party, and what a party this will be. So grab your helmet, be it viking, fireman, samurai, or construction worker and join the Night Pedal Cruising Spring Traffic Safety Campaign Helmet Ride.

As last months Onsen ride turned into a massive snowfest this months ride will follow the course of the abandoned onsen ride finishing up at Utsukushi no Yu Onsen in Takaido.

Riders will gather under the Night Pedal Cruising banner at the Aoyama United Nations University Farmers Market at 5:30pm on Saturday March 15, and will set off at 6:00pm.

Along the way to Utsukushi no Yu we'll cycle along Suidō dōro which features one of Tokyo's finest bicycle lanes, a rare opportunity indeed to cycle in a bike lane in Tokyo and while wearing a helmet! Don't miss it!

At the end of the ride you can relax in the warm waters of Utsukushi no Yu which features attractive outdoor rotenburo baths, a range of indoor tubs and a 'relaxation room' fitted out with rows of reclining massage chairs.

There is a small restaurant on site which serves good cheap food and drink. Living local I know some restaurants in the area, but I expect few could handle the vast number of Night Pedal Cruising members!

To bathe at the onsen or not is completely up to you. Utsukushi no Yu charges ¥1,200 for use of the facilities and you can rent face towels, and bath towels for ¥50 and ¥100 respectively.

As always dress warm as Night Pedal Cruising rides travel at a leisurely pace, and remember to bring lights, cameras (no nude pictures in the onsen please!) bells, whistles, and any kind of mobile sound system you may have.

As this is the Helmet Ride wear a helmet, anything will do, in fact the more inappropriate or wacky the helmet, the better, this is after all Night Pedal Cruising. If you have no bizarre helmet then get to work on your cycling helmet and decorate it up. If you have no helmet then I guess a cardboard box is a good start.

I missed last months Night Pedal Cruising ride due to a back injury. Its still playing up but I really do hope I can join this ride. If I am unable I will beat you all at the destination in Takaido.

For more information visit the Night Pedal Cruising event page.

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