Help Improve Cycling Infrastructure in Tokyo, Sign This Petition!

Byron Kidd
Moves are afoot by cycling activists in Tokyo to apply pressure to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to improve cycling facilities and infrastructure in the city in the lead up to the 2020 Olympics which will be hosted in Tokyo.

You can support the effort by signing the NPO backed petition at which asks candidates running in the Tokyo gubernatorial election to take action to improve Tokyo's cycling infrastructure by launching a number of initiatives including:

1) Increasing the number and quality of Tokyo's bicycle paths. The total length of bike paths in New York is 1500km, London has 900km and in Paris there are 600km of cycling lanes yet in Tokyo there was a mere 8.7km of bike lanes a the end of 2011 despite huge numbers of cyclists. This needs to be addressed.

Kilometers of bicycle lanes in various cities.
Tokyo! You're doing it wrong!
2) Improving bicycle parking conditions by creating a distributed network of parking facilities in convenient locations around the city including close to major train stations.

3) Establishing a bicycle sharing system in the lead up to the 2020 Olympics which will assist in reducing traffic congestion around the city and in particular around the Olympic village and facilities.

Cycling in Tokyo already enjoys a 16% modal share despite inadequate cycling facilities, but the majority of those trips by bicycle are made on sidewalks endangering cyclists and pedestrians alike. Improved infrastructure will create a safer environment for both cyclists and pedestrians and cyclist numbers will soar even higher promoting Tokyo to one of the greatest cycling cities in the world.

Over 1000 concerned cyclists signed the petition in the first two days after opening and that number is steadily growing. Anyone with an interest in improving Tokyo's cycling infrastructure is eligible to sign the petition including residents and non residents alike. Therefore I would like to ask you to take the time to sign this worthwhile petition so we can start to get cycling in Tokyo discussed at a much higher level than it is being considered today.

Even if you're not in Japan, please add your signature to the petition to show your support for cycle friendly cities around the world, and a cycle friendly Tokyo for 2020!

You can sign the petition here :

How to sign the petition.

Simply enter your name, email address and select if you are registered to vote in the Tokyo gubernatorial election. Even if you're not eligible to vote in Tokyo, signing the petition is still very important s Tokyo needs to know thy face international as well as domestic pressure to improve the state of cycling in the city before the 2020 Olympic Games.

You can also follow @cycle_tokyo on twitter.

For more stories, news and information about cycling in Tokyo and around Japan follow @tokyobybike on twitter.

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  1. As a long-time Tokyo resident, and speaking for much of the citizenry, we feel no need to alter the city's standing infrastructure to the detriment of the vast majority pedestrians and to the benefit of the tiny minority cyclists. Please do not sign this petition. Thank you.

    1. Cyclists in Tokyo are far from being a minority, as the article points out 16% of all trips made in the city are made by bicycle, and the suburbs of Tokyo are positively teeming with cyclists, not the Lycra variety, but mothers, children, students, the elderly and salarymen. The article also states the majority trips are made by cyclists riding on the footpath, so I can not understand how you believe that removing cyclists from the sidewalks is to the "detriment of the vast majority of pedestrians". Improved cycling infrastructure in Tokyo will create a safer environment for both pedestrians and cyclists alike.

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