Night Pedal Cruising Christmas Ride Deluxe 2013 (Updated!)

Byron Kidd
Important Update: Starting time and place changed. December 23rd at the 246 COMMON in Aoyama (map). Registration starting at 16:30 with the ride scheduled to start at 17:00.

The crew at Night Pedal Cruising organise monthly themed social night rides in Tokyo and this month being December the theme is, of course, Christmas!

That means its time to dust off your Santa outfit (or obtain one if you don't own one already, shame on you!) and decorate you bike with lights, tinsel, mistletoe and whatever else you can think of in order to make this ride the biggest two wheeled Christmas spectacular Tokyo has ever seen.

There is no obligation to get dressed up to attend the ride, but hey, its only Christmas once a year so why not?! Got an Easter Bunny costume instead? We don't care! Hell, in the summer we rode (almost) NUDE! Just get it on and join the fun!

Participants will gather on December 23rd at the 246 COMMON in Aoyama (map) with registration starting at 16:30 and the ride scheduled to start at 17:00. The distances are generally short, and cycling is at a low pace so you can drift up and down the pack and enjoy a leisurely chat. Its a social ride with emphasis firmly on "social".

Suggested Ride Items:

  • A costume. Santa Clause preferred but its up to you.
  • Lights, lots of lights, the more flashy and annoyingly Christmasy the better!
  • Decorated bike. Tinsel, mistletoe, Christmas decorations, lights, inflatable reindeer, anything goes. The more outrageous the better. 
  • A beverage or two, remember you have to ride home, but we ARE celebrating.
  • A sound system. This will not be a "Silent Night".
  • A means of making it snow, failing that, a means to blow bubbles!
  • Christmas cheer.

I will be attending and would like to invite all Tokyo By Bike readers to come along and join in the fun. I've not met nearly enough of you!

If you do plan to participate let me know, or shoot me a message on Twitter so I can look out for you. You may think it easy to spot a man in a Santa suit, but not in a group of Santas!

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  1. You can get a Santa Claus costume from Daiso, or other Y100 shops for Y420. Now you've got no excuse not to attend!

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