Buses Remind Tokyo Cyclists of the Law

Byron Kidd
Keio buses in the western suburbs of Tokyo are being used as mobile billboards to remind cyclists of their rights and responsibilities on the road. The buses have been painted with different messages on each side, one stresses to cyclists that they must also follow the rules of the road, while another (pictured below) is a little more specific reminding bicycle users that they must ride on the left side of the road.

It is rare in Tokyo that we see campaigns aimed at educating the public about cycling rules and cycling safety.  This is certainly much more high profile than handing out bicycle safety leaflets around train stations.  While it is not clear who is paying for these advertisements, nor is it clear they will have any long lasting positive effect, it is good to see a different approach being taken to promote bicycle safety in Tokyo.

Editors Note:
This post is a real Tokyo By Bike team effort. My daughter spotted the bus, and alerted my wife who quickly photographed it, both knowing that I'd be able to use it on the Tokyo By Bike blog. Good work team.

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