What happens when a bicycle meets a car.

Byron Kidd
This is a picture of me after a ride to work one morning. It was taken with a very special camera.

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  1. I'm no doctor... collar-bone?

    Stay safe man. Cars *%$#ing blow!

    Filing a civil suit? At least in Japan there is some recourse against drivers I think, unlike Canada and the US.

  2. It was a broken collar bone, but luckily the drivers insurance company came to the party and offered reasonable compensation. But it was only reasonable after we rejected their first offer and they came back with another.

    The police actually asked me if I wanted them to pull the guys license. I didn't think that was my decision. The driver needed his license for his job, I was banged up but not disabled so i asked the police to give him a stern talking to but let him keep his license.

  3. Well, your call to do the guy a solid. Hope you heal quickly and well.

    If I were hit through something other than aggression or negligence, that is to say a true 'accident', once I had my costs covered (medical, employment, etc.) I might 'take the high road' like you. It would help the guy's chances if he acted properly after the collision; I hope he did in your case.

    In N.America there's just no recourse. If I were a psychopath I'd use a car: call it an 'accident' and do it again in a few months or a year.

    And what drives a person to the place where they think 'insurance adjuster' is an acceptable job? People can self-justify anything. Makes me think of Ed Norton's character in 'Fight Club' having a psychic-break because of the job he does: involving automobile accidents

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