Novel approach to curb illegal bicycle parking in Japan

Byron Kidd
No Parking!

Urban planners in Yokohama have come up with a novel idea in an attempt to stop people illegally parking their bicycles.  Instead of painting ghastly "No Parking" signs, bicycle stencils with a big red line or cross through them, they've decided to feature artwork by local school children in their signage.

Officials believe that people routinely ignore regular no parking signs, but will think twice about parking their bicycle atop pictures lovingly crafted by children.  I would most certainly think twice about parking on such signs, but believe others may not be so empathetic towards the feelings of the children.

I can see the logic and it will be interesting to see how this experiment works out.

Even if it doesn't work out, kids around Yokohama must be getting a real thrill seeing their carefully crafted artwork on display for all to see.

Would you park your bicycle on one of these signs? Do you think they'll be effective?

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  1. How many months before they are covered in grey road debris?

  2. It might work. I was in Yokohama yesterday and felt the cyclists had better manners than in Tokyo. Several times I saw cyclists actually stop, full stop-feet on the ground stop, for pedestrians. Thought I was in a different country.

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