Cycle Speedway Taking Off in Japan

Byron Kidd

The style of bicycle racing known as Cycle Speedway is virtually unknown in Japan despite having been in existence in the United Kingdom since the 1920's.  The sport really took off in Britain after the war with dirt tracks created through the rubble of bombed buildings hosting races by young men on otherwise non roadworthy bicycles.

The sport grew in leaps and bounds, primarily to its low barrier for entry, with East London being home to over 200 teams by 1950.  Intercity races began in 1946, but it wasn't until the formation of the National Amateur Cycle Speedway Association (NACSA) in 1956 that the rules for Cycle Speedway were formalised.

Sadly after bomb sites were restored the sport itself bombed soon after 1950.

Today Cycle Speedway is fully revived and fully funded by British Cycling, and enjoys popularity primarily among young cyclists.

Japan held their first CycleSpeedway event at Komozawa Koen in June 2012 attracting great interest from competitors and spectators alike. In cities such as Tokyo where space is at a premium the small size of Cycle Speedway tracks make the sport very accessible as events can be staged easily in parks or other open public spaces.

1st CycleSpeedway Japan, Komozawa Koen, Tokyo.

Japan is coming down off a fixed gear cycling boom with enthusiasts looking for the next "big thing" in cycling. Cycle Speedway Japan organisers hope the fact that almost any bicycle is suitable for Cycle Speedway racing will draw many to the sport.  The events are also being organised to be accessible to all riders regardless of age, or skill with most of the races centred around simply having a good time and introducing new people to the sport.

The 2nd Cycle Speedway Japan will be held in Yoyogi Koen in Tokyo on the 2nd of December 2012.  Hope to see you there.

Visit CycleSpeedway Japan on Facebook or, follow them on twitter, @csw_japan

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  1. Fantastic news. for Cycle Speedway equipment.

  2. Great to see our great sport taking off in Japan but it's not just youngsters involved. We have a thriving scene from 6 to 86!
    Check out our website www,burycycle

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