Byron Kidd
Messengers is a Japanese movie released in 1999 staring SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Naoko Ijima.

Naomi Shimizu is a young career woman working for a prestigious fashion house. That is until one day the company declares bankruptcy. Accustomed to living in luxury she tries to make a run for it with the last remaining company asset, a red Alpha Romeo sports car. Unfortunately she recklessly collides with an bicycle messenger. Lacking any funds to pay for a settlement, the injured messenger convinces her to work as a bicycle messenger in his place until his injuries heal.

A little action, comedy and romance make this quite an enjoyable film even for those of us who aren't SMAP fans.

I remember in the wake of this film having groups of school children shout "Messenger!" at me on my morning commute, and that the bicycle stores make a killing selling replicas of the TREK bicycle Tsuyoshi's character rode in the movie.

Its good fun, and entertaining enough for me to own the DVD.  I must dig it out and watch it with the kids this weekend.

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