Cyclists issued warnings in Tokyo's first monthly bicycle commuter crackdown

Byron Kidd
On February 10, 2012 the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department staged the first, of what is to become a monthly crackdown on lawless cyclists.

Police were operating in a total of 110 locations during peak commuter times, stopping cyclists for such violations as cycling with headphones, carrying passengers, using mobile phones while cycling and disobeying traffic rules.

In just one hour at an intersection in Nakano-ku 20 police officers issued warning cards to 35 people.  Of those 27 were cycling with headphones, while 4 were warned for running red lights. Details of the remaining 4 ticketed cyclists were not known.

Tokyo cyclists are reminded that these crackdowns are going to occur on the 10th of each month.  In the event that the 10th falls on  weekend police will be checking cyclists on the prior Friday.

I will be posting reminders on twitter urging cyclists to take care around these dates.

Source: NHK

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