Things That Annoy Cyclists

Byron Kidd
In Tokyo I rate taxi's as one of the most annoying things I have to put up with on the roads.  I hear that in London it is bendy busses and lorries. This led me to ask on twitter :
London has lorries, Tokyo has taxi's. What is the cyclists mortal enemy in your city?
I was expecting answers like dump trucks, busses, soccer moms etc. but the range of answers I received really surprised me.  Some of the annoyances included:
  • potholes
  • urban planners
  • senior cyclists
  • cycling advocates
  • dooring
  • pollution
  • compulsory helmet laws
  • 4WD's
  • every other vehicle that can kill a cyclist
I was thinking traffic is a major annoyance to cyclists, but it turns out there is a lot more we need to improve to make cycling attractive to all. Everyone who wants to see more people cycling should take a step back and examine the multitude of things that need fixing and not just concentrate on traffic and safety.

What are the major annoyances where you ride?

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  1. Other than people in cars not paying as much attention as they should, traffic lights with no bike sensor!

  2. Cars overtaking on blind (any) bends.

  3. Potholes are pain in the butt. Whenever I pass by roads that have construction sites nearby, riding through them is inevitable. This leads me to my next most annoyed thing about cycling, urban planning. It has also affected the routes I have to take to and from my workplace.

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