Cyclists on a snowy morning in Tokyo

Byron Kidd
It snowed quite hard for Tokyo overnight, but by morning most of the snow had turned to ice. Despite this quite a few people were out and about on their bicycles, business as usual. We're not used to such conditions in Tokyo, but the cyclists that were out were cycling where they thought safe to do so and got off to push their bicycles where the snow was thick or water had turned to ice.


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  1. I was out in it last night trying to get good photos and again this morning with the icy conditions,don't think I'll venture out on the bike though.Good photos Byron.

  2. llewellyn, thanks for the comment. If there is anything I've learned since starting this blog its that I'm a terrible writer and an even worse photographer, but I do my best!

  3. Just goes to show how fragile Japan's morning commute is. One thing goes wrong and the cyclists have to brave dangerous conditions. And for me my seven minute walk was pretty slippery. Let's be thankful these snows are rare.

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