Mama-chari, not just for transporting your kids.

Byron Kidd
A while ago a reader asked if I knew of bicycle shop that has a lot of different mama-chari on display as she was planning a purchase but wanted to compare a number of different models.  Unfortunately even the larger bicycle stores that sell mama-chari really do offer only a limited range of the wide varieties to choose from.  I directed her to where she could browse and compare models before deciding to purchase.

Of course mama-chari are for transporting children, so being a father myself  I eventually asked about her children.  In return I received the following photograph :

In order for my reader's 17kg staffordshire terrier to get a good run each day they had to travel over an hour on foot via Shibuya to the excursive yard in Yoyogi park.  But with a mama-chari that time could be reduced dramatically.

So if you see a cream Angelino mama-chari with an enormous black staffy up front cruising Shibuya or Yoyogi, you know you've spotted another resourceful Tokyo By Bike reader.

Aside from children what unconventional items, or pets have you transported by mama-chari?

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  1. There is a mamachari at the Simachu near my house (nakano) that sells a mamachari designed for carrying dogs....

  2. thanks for the tweet!

  3. Dokinchan, Its a great blog you have there and its wonderful to read how much you love your bikes. Cycling in Tokyo has many flavors and your site highlights a flavor often overlooked by the sports cyclists and the commuters. Keep on blogging.

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  4. its a very good blog i enjoyed when i was reading great info love it,but want more.

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