We are cyclist. These are our FUEL.

Byron Kidd
I am blessed with a beautiful wife, who not only tolerates my cycling obsession, but actually encourages it.  On Saturday she bought me this t-shirt from Tokyu Hands in Shibuya.


OK, so the English isn't perfect, but that adds to the charm.

A couple of weeks earlier she returned from Shimokitazawa with a Giant t-shirt from Uniqlo for me.

Pretty soon my wardrobe will consist of nothing but cycling and marathon t-shirts!

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  1. I've sent my fiance (currently in Osaka) on a mission to find one of these for me.

  2. The only thing better than the shirt is the fact that your wife got it for you. My wife thinks I've dislocated my brain with my recent case of marathonitis. I envy you having an 'enabler'.

    I find your blog fascinating. Keep sharing your experiences.

  3. Evolving Through Running,

    My wife is a gem, but even she thought I was out of my mind when I decided to run the 2010 Tokyo Marathon.

    Right up until the start I was telling her "I'll just run till I'm tired then give up so I don't injure myself.", all the time knowing I would never give up once I crossed that starting line.

    Now she is happy that I've found a hobby which like my cycling, keeps me healthy, both physically and mentally.

    I don't have a lot to write about my running, but occasionally jot things down at http://tokyomarathonholycrap.blogspot.com/

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