Bicycles marked for collection

Byron Kidd
Our apartment building contains a number of fully furnished apartments available for rent on a monthly basis and a result attracts a fair share of short term residents. While the number of residents in the building at any one time is pretty much constant, the number of bicycles in the parking lot grows slowly over time.

This creates bicycle parking carnage as everyone battles for space. As a result the seemingly unused bicycles slowly inch their way out of the under cover parking over the months to be left exposed to the elements.

It seems that more than a few of the short term residents choose to simply leave their bicycles behind when they vacate the building.

Recently a number of the abandoned bicycles have had notices taped to their saddles informing the owners that any bicycle still displaying the notice at the end of August will be removed from the property.

Just another example of just how disposable some people here consider bicycles to be.

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  1. any chance that those bikes are available for free or cheap prices now?
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  2. Its March 30, 2010 a good 7 months from when the tagged bicycles were supposed to be removed. They're still there ...

  3. Today is November 27, 2011 and the bicycles marked for collection in August 2009 are still there. In addition to that so are a heap of other abandoned bicycles. By heap I mean literally a heap of bicycles. As parking space became more limited I began stacking the abandoned bicycles on top of each other ..

  4. We are an exporting and collecting company for Japanese used bikes and motorcycles based in Chiba, Japan . If you still have a lot of abandoned bicycles, please let us know. We can bring our trucks and pick them all up. Please call me at 090-3929-4994. Thanks, Tony 090

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