Sanyo announces folding electric hybrid bicycle

Byron Kidd
Until now, Sanyo's lineup of electric hybrid bicycles has been mostly composed of more basic models. However, with the expansion of electric hybrid bicycle users, there has been growing demand from urban consumers for more upscale and sophisticated models. Many people who live in high-rise condominiums are looking for bicycles that they can store in front of or just inside their units, rather than leaving them in vehicle parking areas. In order to meet this need, the CY-SPJ220 has been developed as a folding bicycle with 20-inch tires that can be taken into even smaller elevators, while also making it easy to store in an apartment foyer. As an example of the portability benefits of a small lightweight folding bicycle, riders can travel a long distance by car, and then use the bicycle for getting around at their destination. Therefore, Sanyo’s new hybrid bicycle CY-SPJ220 l offers the possibility of a new transportation lifestyle called "micro park and ride" utilizing the benefits of both a car and bicycle together.

The Sanyo CY-SPJ220 electric hybrid folding bicycle features Two-Wheel Drive System. In this system conventional pedal power is applied to the rear wheel, while an electric motor powers the front wheel. As a result, both the front and rear wheels grip the road securely, thereby increasing a stable feeling while riding, and providing a smooth ride with forward traction that is very steady and straight. With compact design that can be loaded into a car, the Sanyo CY-SPJ220 electric hybrid folding bicycle will be available in Japan by September 21st.


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