Chump arrested for stealing high-end bicycles and parts

Byron Kidd
Tokyo - A man was arrested on suspicion of theft Tuesday after police found over 60 high-end bicycles and over 400 bicycle parts in his house in Setagaya Ward. Investigators said the unemployed suspect Yamaguchi (28) admitted to stealing luxury bicycles from the parking lots of apartments around his home and that he told police he wanted to open up a shop by stealing expensive bicycles.

In a strange twist, after admitting to stealing over 60 bicycles, he is denying that he stole the bicycle parts.

Apparently the suspect fell victim to a random bicycle registration check which revealed he was riding a stolen bicycle, how that escalated to the police raiding his home on suspicion of mass bicycle theft is unknown.

Police are confident they can return the bicycles to their rightful owners.

The home where he was storing the stolen bicycles is right on my morning commute, and just a few kilometers from my home. Who knew I've been cycling past a cache of 60 stolen bicycles every day for months now? Pleased he didn't get his hands on any of my rides.

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