Buying a Second Hand Bicycle in Tokyo - Suginami Green Cycle Open Day Calendar

Byron Kidd
Buying a second hand bicycle in Tokyo is certainly a great option for anyone looking for a good deal on a reasonable every day bike. Suginami Green Cycle as mentioned in my post "Buying a Reconditioned Bicycle in Tokyo" offer second hand reconditioned bicycles for between Y6,500 and Y10,000 except in special cases when the price may rise to Y15,000 for a well known brand in good condition.

As mentioned in the previous article Sugunami Green Cycle are open to customers for 3 days each month but their timetable is a little unpredictable. Yesterday my wife was in the area and she stopped by to ask if they had an open day calendar for the upcoming months, indeed they do, and here it is:

May 200918 (Mon.)19 (Tues.)20 (Wed.)
June 200915 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)
July 200921 (Tues.)22 (Wed.)23 (Thurs.)
August 200917 (Mon.)18 (Tues.)19 (Wed.)
September 200914 (Mon.)15 (Tues.)16 (Wed.)
October 200919 (Mon.)20 (Tues.)21 (Wed.)
November 200916 (Mon.)17 (Tues.)18 (Wed.)
December 200914 (Mon.)15 (Tues.)16 (Wed.)
January 201018 (Mon.)19 (Tues.)20 (Wed.)
February 201015 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)
March 201015 (Mon.)16 (Tues.)17 (Wed.)

On the days listed above Suginami Green Cycle is open from 11am to 4pm, and these are the only days you can purchase second hand bicycles, but you're free to drop in a few days before the sale to check out their stock.

Suginami Green Cycle and is located at Eifuku 2-1-11 just 10 minutes walk from Eifuku Station on the Keio Inokashira line or Shimotakaido on the Keio line. Call 03-3327-2287 for more information.

Staffed by friendly bicycle loving retirees giving something back to the community Suginami Green Cycle is definitely worth a visit if you're in the market for a second hand bicycle in Tokyo.

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  1. very useful article. So, if I buy a bicycle there, do they provide delivery service? coz I think we're not allowed carrying bicycle in the train.

  2. Rio, If you purchase a second hand bicycle from Suginami Green Cycle you'll have to arrange delivery by your self as they don't provide this service.

    You can take a bicycle on the train in Tokyo as long as it is properly covered. This involves removing the front and rear wheels, strapping them to the bicycle frame and stowing it away in a bike bag (which you can purchase at most good bicycle stores). Riding in the very front or back carriage provides a little more storage space for the bike during your trip.

    If you buy a folding bike you can get it on the train in a garbage bag. In fact I've bagged a full sized road bike in garbage bags for an emergency train ride home after getting caught out in a terrible storm in the past.

  3. Thank you for the helpful info! Will head over there next week!

  4. Very useful, thanks, will head over there tomorrow.

  5. I picked up two bikes today, as pictured here:

    I also met three other gaijin there who only knew of the place thansk to this blog :-)

    When I arrived, they only had three bikes left for sale. "That's it" I was told.

    But another (non-japanese) customer there mentioned that he'd seen a lady pick one from the huge collection of bikes that were roped off, the ones that hadn't been cleaned up.

    I asked the staff about this (in Japanese), and they said, "Well, as a special case, but you could choose one from there".

    When the three other gaijin turned up they were dissapointed that there were only those three bikes for sale. I told the staff that they were my friends - could they choose from the big collection too?

    "Your friends? Oh, ok then".

    They all ended up with bikes from the collection that originally 'weren't for sale'.

    Basically, it seems that it's down to the discretion of the staff. As I left I saw another Japanese man being told that there were no more bikes for sale.

    If you do choose a bike from the big 'not for sale' collection, they will probably tell you that they'll call you in a week or two when it's cleaned up and ready for you to pick up.

    They're very nice people. Excellent resource!

    Thanks for blogging sbout it - it's only because of you that there were so many happy customers today!

  6. How convenient they steal your bike from you at the stations around Suginami (via the bike nazi patrol) then they sell them back to you at rediculously high prices! I can buy a new one for that price. In fact I bought a nice folding bike, new at Olympic for $4000 yen.

  7. Bought a refurbished bicycle from Green cycle. A couple line up before it opens and they give you a number so you make a queue. Then when they open the gate, it's a mad rush to get the bike you want. Be sure and be quick to choose because the good ones are claimed fast. It helps tremendously if you can speak Japanese or have a Japanese friend for any questions you might have. The bicycle I bought cost \8,000 and it was a bit overpriced. Had to take it back because the back tire went flat in about 2 weeks (worn out) and the saddle was bad too. They replaced them free but my Japanese friend helped me. Overall they were kind.

  8. Any more dates for the coming months Byron? Are they continuing with the 15/16/17 thing? Also if you know of anywhere else selling used bikes that would be great. I'm in Nagano Pref. and having a lot of trouble finding anything! Thanks.

  9. Oh, I didn't realize this post had become out of date. I'll drop by wenI get a chance and see if they have a new timetable available. As a general rule sales take place for three days from the third Monday of the month. You can always give them a call on 03-3327-2287 o confirm their schedule before you make the trip over.

    I'm not sure of other places in Tokyo or around the country where the are recycling abandoned bicycles like this but I'd suggest checking out your local ward office homepage as a starting point to see if the have a similar program in your area.

  10. Could you please tell me what I have to do for registration once bought a bike? THANKS!!!

  11. If you purchase a bicycle from Suginami Green Cycle the staff will register it for you as part of the service. If you purchase a bicycle from a bicycle store, they will also register it for you.

    If you have an unregistered bicycle, that you bought with you from overseas, you can visit your local bicycle shop or koban and pick up the necessary form. Once completed you can submit the form at your local koban, or the staff at your local bike store may be kind enough to do it on your behalf.

  12. If you buy a bike there, they will do at the same time the registration.
    Next opening days are :
    May 2010 17 (Mon.) 18 (Tues.) 19 (Wed.)
    June 2010 14 (Mon.) 15 (Tues.) 16 (Wed.)
    Good luck.

  13. Hi,
    Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese and it isn't clear to me when the next openings are happening. On their webpage there are also different venues with different dates. Do you have any information about this?

    I assume I just missed the August opening. Can you confirm that the September dates are 20 (Mon.) 21 (Tues.) 22 (Wed.)?

    Thanks a lot.

  14. hello,
    i got the following info from a trustful friend for the september sales :

    date : Sep 21, 22 , 24
    address : eifuku 2 - 1 - 11
    tel : 03 - 3327 - 2287
    time : 11: 00 ~ 16 : 00


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