If I had 100 yen ...

Byron Kidd
... for every car that crossed an intersection after the light turned red, I'd be dining on fine steak for lunch from the proceeds of this mornings commute alone.

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  1. Hello fellow Cycler,
    last year you made a post about buying reconditioned bikes, I personally want to thank you for that as it was the only information available about ‘Suginami Green Cycle’ in English. I was wondering if you tell me one; if the centre was still open and two; if you knew by any chance the 3 days it was open to the public (I mean, if they are the same each month.) I hope to buy a bike while I'm in Tokyo and thought this would be a great way to save some money. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello

    Sorry to (probably) be out of context, but do you know where to look for bicycle parking lots?

    My Japanese is not very good and i understand i shouldn't leave my bike outside the train station but i have no idea where is a parking lot. Being more specific, Oji Kamiya station.

    It would be awesome if you could help me out.

    My email address is kamuz2000 at yah00 (dot) com.

    Thank you!

  3. I'm not familiar with the Oji Kamiya area, but I took a quick look at the Kita-Ku Ward Office homepage which reveals a number of bicycle parking locations around Oji Kamiya Station.

    You can find the map here:


    Your best bet would be to visit one of those lots and ask the attendant about the procedure for reserving a spot as all Wards do it a little differently. Chances are that you'll have to visit the Kita Ku ward office (Director of Traffic Affairs Sec.City Hall No.1 Building, 3F,1-15-22 Oji-honcho, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-8508) to complete the paperwork and make your payment.

    Your bicycle will have to be registered (if it isn't already) in order for you to use the parking lot.

    Also in the unlikely event that your bicycle has been removed for being illegally parked, the following page has information (in English) about how you go about reclaiming it:


    Hope this information is of some use.

  4. Hi Byron,

    I couldn't find a link to send mail to, so hope this comment gets to you.
    Just wanted ask if you can include www.tokyorentabike.com in your list of bicycle rental places.
    It's just opened up in Nakameguro, and there is just a basic web page at the moment, but any publicity is appreciated.

  5. Neil,

    Thanks for the link to Tokyo Rent a Bike, I've added it to the Tokyo By Bike page. Is this your business?

    Thanks also for pointing out the fact that I neglected to include my contact details ( byron.kidd@gmail.com ) anywhere on the page.


  6. i'll join you for these steaks - and might be able to invite you for coffee from my leftover coins ;-)

    keep posting, it's nice to see fellow international cyclists in tokyo.

    i am commuting between takadanobaba and iidabashi - with very similar experiences.

    best regards.

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