The Mundo Cargo Bike - Number 1 on my wish list

Byron Kidd
During 2008 I discovered some great cycling gear online. In 2008 I also discovered that my cycling budget did not stretch nearly as far as my imagination. Today, I decided to start a wish list of cycling gear for 2009, so that when I find some cash down the back of the sofa, I'll know what to spend it on right away. (Answer: probably something for my daughters)

Anyway, a man can dream.

My cycling needs changed the day I became a father, and now as a father of two I want much different functionality from a bicycle than I did 10 years ago. I've mellowed down and have come to appreciate bicycles of all kinds, I've also learned to appreciate riding in more complex ways than simply "how far" and "how fast".

Unfortunately neither of my bikes are practical for family outings. Consider a day at the park: Food, drinks, picnic blanket, assorted balls, bats and rackets, frisbees, skipping ropes, maybe a skateboard, roller skates, a scooter or two, not to mention a change of clothes for the girls if we are going anywhere remotely near a river or pond. I need to be the one hauling all that gear so my family are free to ride unencumbered and enjoy the day.

Therefore number one on my wish list for 2009 is a Mundo Cargo Bike.

Mundo Cargo Bike
What better bike is there for a family in Tokyo than the Mundo? Like the majority of families in Tokyo we don't own, nor strive to own, a car but some days we could really do with a station wagon. We have a mama-chari capable of carrying two passengers, but my passengers are growing up fast and its now impossible to transport them both. I can think of no better bike for the Tokyo family than the Mundo.

Considering the fact that the Mundo is not available in Japan, and that I would have to sell an existing bike in order to raise the funds, my chances of obtaining one in 2009 are pretty slim.

But a man can dream.

If you're in the US, or going to the US any time soon you can order the Mundo Cargo Bike from Rock the Bike in Berkeley, San Fransisco, their customer and after sales service is exceptional.

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