October 18, 2013

Japanese Cycling Rules a Mystery for Japanese Cyclists (Infographic)

While Japan has always had a high number of cyclists the number has been growing even more rapidly as many people not only use the bicycle as a tool, but are also beginning to take up cycling for recreation and health reasons.  In addition to this after the transport disruption caused by the March 2011 earthquake many more Japanese have taken up commuting to work.

As a result increasing number of cyclists, and changing use of the bicycle in Japan, the number of accidents involving bicycles has increased, and it has become painfully obvious that the general public have very little awareness of Japan's cycling laws. 

This prompted Insweb Research to conduct a survey of 1443 people (1072 mane, 371 female) asking them questions about Japanese cycling laws. Upon completion of the survey they produce this most enlightening infographic.

Some interesting points from the survey include:

A huge 72% of those surveyed were unaware that it is illegal to operate a bicycle one handed and that it can result in a ¥50,000 fine or 3 months imprisonment.

44% of those surveyed had no knowledge that children are required by law to wear helmets when cycling.

49% were unaware of the requirement to use a headlight when cycling at night.

62% believed that stop signs do not apply to cyclists.

While the general public's lack of awareness of the rules in a problem, as I always state in this blog, the real problem is the rules are not being enforced, and until the police do their jobs and enforce the laws they will go largely ignored endangering the lives of millions of Japanese cyclists each day.

Additionally now the results of the survey are in, what is going to be done about the problem?

* This has been a rushed post, I'll translate the results of the survey more thoroughly as I find the time, so please remember to come back.


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