A Tour of Tokyo's Newest Bicycle Lanes

New bicycle lanes are appearing all over Tokyo, and thats great even if the lanes aren't so great themselves! We cycled as many as we could and here are our observations.

Fitness isn't a goal, it's a side effect

If you or a friend are cycling to get fit and not enjoying it then cycle to the shops instead. Before you know it you'll be fit, car free and better off financially.

How to Turn Your Old Mountain Bike Into a Tidy Commuter

Need a new commuter bike? Maybe not, because with a few cheap and easy modifications you can convert your mountain bike into a lighter faster commuter bicycle. Here's how ...

Japan's National Bicycle Commuting Ban

Strict government regulations and inflexible insurance rules effectively force companies in Japan to ban their employees from cycling to work. It's time for a change.

Cycling at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

We're excited that Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympic Games! Read on to learn what we know of the cycling events and facilities planned for Tokyo.

Cycling My Fuji and Fuji's Five Lakes

Climbing Mt Fuji by bicycle is a ride you have to put on your bucket list. The Pro's do it every year at the Tour of Japan, but us mortals can do it anytime we like.

July 29, 2012

Pedal Asia Podcast Episode 5 Olympic Special

This episode the boys go over Asia's Olympic hopefuls in all the cycling disciplines. They give their very uneducated views on all the events and the chances of any medals on the road, track, bmx and Mountain bike courses.

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July 28, 2012

Olympic Cycling Events on NHK Television in Japan

If, like me, you live in Japan but don't have access to cable television you'll be pleased to know that NHK will be broadcasting select cycling events on their BS1 Channel.


Men's Road RaceJuly 29 (Sunday)8:00am
Men's Time TrialAugust 2 (Thursday)9:00am

Japanese Competitors:

Arashiro Yukiya
Beppu Fumiyuki
Hagiwara Mayuko


Men's Cross CountryAugust 13 (Monday)8:00am
Women's Cross CountryAugust 12 (Sunday)9:00am

Japanese Competitors:

Yamamoto Kohei
Katayama Rie


Men's Team PursuitAugust 3 (Friday)9:00am
Men's Individual SprintAugust 5 (Sunday)
August 7 (Tuesday)
Men's KeirinAugust 8 (Wednesday)9:00am
Women's Individual SprintAugust 6 (Monday)
August 8 (Wednesday)

Japanese Competitors:

Watanabe Kazunari
Nakagawa Seiichiro
Nitta Yudai
Maeda Kayono

July 10, 2012

Pedal Asia Podcast Episode 4

After a brief hiatus we have a bumper episode including Byron going off on a rant about Tokyo bike laws, chat about asian success at the tour, cycling in Taiwan and Gavin's little cycling sojourn around the tropical paradise that is Bali, Indonesia. We also have a chat with Mio Yamada about the Cog-Way Shikoku Discovery ride coming up in Western Japan at the end of Summer. Its a big old episode and lots of fun. Enjoy and stay safe on the bike.

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