January 17, 2012

Things That Annoy Cyclists

In Tokyo I rate taxi's as one of the most annoying things I have to put up with on the roads.  I hear that in London it is bendy busses and lorries. This led me to ask on twitter :
London has lorries, Tokyo has taxi's. What is the cyclists mortal enemy in your city?
I was expecting answers like dump trucks, busses, soccer moms etc. but the range of answers I received really surprised me.  Some of the annoyances included:
  • potholes
  • urban planners
  • senior cyclists
  • cycling advocates
  • dooring
  • pollution
  • compulsory helmet laws
  • 4WD's
  • every other vehicle that can kill a cyclist
I was thinking traffic is a major annoyance to cyclists, but it turns out there is a lot more we need to improve to make cycling attractive to all. Everyone who wants to see more people cycling should take a step back and examine the multitude of things that need fixing and not just concentrate on traffic and safety.

What are the major annoyances where you ride?


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