A Tour of Tokyo's Newest Bicycle Lanes

New bicycle lanes are appearing all over Tokyo, and thats great even if the lanes aren't so great themselves! We cycled as many as we could and here are our observations.

Fitness isn't a goal, it's a side effect

If you or a friend are cycling to get fit and not enjoying it then cycle to the shops instead. Before you know it you'll be fit, car free and better off financially.

How to Turn Your Old Mountain Bike Into a Tidy Commuter

Need a new commuter bike? Maybe not, because with a few cheap and easy modifications you can convert your mountain bike into a lighter faster commuter bicycle. Here's how ...

Japan's National Bicycle Commuting Ban

Strict government regulations and inflexible insurance rules effectively force companies in Japan to ban their employees from cycling to work. It's time for a change.

Cycling at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

We're excited that Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympic Games! Read on to learn what we know of the cycling events and facilities planned for Tokyo.

Cycling My Fuji and Fuji's Five Lakes

Climbing Mt Fuji by bicycle is a ride you have to put on your bucket list. The Pro's do it every year at the Tour of Japan, but us mortals can do it anytime we like.

February 11, 2011

パパ大すき!!You Love Bicycle

This picture was hastily drawn and presented to me by my daughter while we were riding the train.

パパ大すき!!You Love Bicycle

It is impossible to keep every letter, picture or piece of craft my daughters present me with as they do it on an almost daily basis.  But I do have a special folder for the most treasured items I've received over the years.

This piece, scribbled in just moments on the back of a piece of advertising we picked up in Shibuya, will be going into that folder to be kept forever.  Its the best present I've received in ages, and not a bad likeness I might add.