Japanese Mountain Bikers Turn to Religion

From the promoter's site:
For the second edition of Red Bull Holy Ride, 95 mountainbike downhill riders - including top riders from the Japan Cycling Federation Elite Class and downhill legend Filip Polc - met at the traditional shrine at Mt. Ishizuchi (one of Japan's Seven Holy Mountains) in Saijo City, for one a most unique mountainbike downhill event. More than 2,000 spectators witnessed some tight races and saw Filip Polc put his longstanding experience to great use in the final.

Wow.  Its a good thing that all Japan's "ancient temples" were built after the 1960's.  I can't imagine this kind of thing happening at the Pyramids, or Parthenon.  Do you think next year we wil see "Mountain Bike Down Hill on Holy Soil 2012 - Shred the Sphinx"?? Probably if Red Bull can pay off enough people.