And we're back, almost.

I have to apologize for not writing in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake.  For the first week or so after the disaster I was primarily concerned for my family's safety as we rode out more than 500 aftershocks over magnitude 5, dozens over M6, and a handful over M7.  In addition to which we had to deal with blackouts, food shortages and the threat of nuclear meltdown which still continues.

My wife's father's home near Sendai airport was swept away by the tsunami.  It took days for us to learn that he was not home at the time, and a week before we could contact him by phone.  He's safe. In an evacuation shelter with gas, electricity and food.

So as you can imagine I have been otherwise preoccupied.

Once things settled down and returned to what we now accept as normal I felt it was too soon for me to write about how the earthquake had increased the number of cyclists and bicycle commuters in Tokyo.  It seemed so trivial to everything else that as happening around us.

So if you're wanting to stay informed about cycling in the aftermath of the earthquake please follow my twitter feed @tokyobybike until I get back into the writing mood.

Many thanks to you all for your support over this difficult time.