April 27, 2010

TokyoBike, cheap but by no means nasty.

Since posting about buying recycled bicycles from places such as Sugimani Green Cycle I am often asked if I know of other places to buy cheap bicycles in Tokyo.  If your definition of cheap stretches to bicycles within the Y40,000 to Y60,000 price range then you're in luck because I've been quite impressed by the offerings from TokyoBike within that price range recently.

TokyoBike first came to my attention almost two years ago when I noticed one of their bicycles parked outside my office.  I've passed a lot of bicycles in my day, but somehow this one struck me to the point where I had to stop, go back, and examine it more closely.  What caught my attention initially was just how suited this bicycle seemed to the Tokyo street environment.  Consisting of a strong Cr-Mo steel frame, narrow, flat bars, sturdy looking wheels with thin slick tires and just the right amount of gears to get you around the city, it appeared strong yet light and fast.

What also struck me about this bicycle was despite attracting my attention, it wasn't an attention seeking bike.  No stickers, badges or brand names plastered all over it.  In a group it is a most easily overlooked bicycle which is something I consider to be a great anti-theft device.

From a quick scan of the frame I located the tokyobike.com address,  headed upstairs to visit their homepage and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bike I had spotted was available for Y48,000, and that even cheaper versions  existed.  I decided then that if I ever needed a new commuter bike I'd be taking a serious look at a TokyoBike.

TokyoBike produce a number of versions of the TokyoBike I spotted outside my office with prices ranging from Y48,000 to Y58,000.  The TokyoBike Bisou, a 7 speed bicycle with a more relaxed ladies frame is available for Y42,000.

I've never really been interested in the fixed gear scene, but with TokyoBike's single speed offering available for just Y48,000 I'm sorely tempted to pick one up at that price simply to experience fixed gear riding.

You can purchase a bicycle from TokyoBike's line up online, or from one of their many distributors around the country.  If you're in the UK then you're in luck as TokyoBike UK has recently been established.

Tokyo By Bike is in no way affiliated with TokyoBike, I'm just a fan of their bicycles.


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