August 06, 2009

My pain has a name, Pes Anserinus Bursitis

This morning I visited my doctor to have him take a look at my knee. His first words when I walked in were "So Mr Kidd, what have you done to yourself today?". He knows something is up because the only time I visit is when some thing is broken, missing, bent at an odd angle, three times its normal size, bleeding uncontrollably or any combination of the above. He knows I've damaged myself sufficiently that I am unable to put myself back together.

I explained the details surrounding the pain, jogging, increasing the distance and intensity etc. He poked, prodded, and twisted my knee before subjecting me to a couple of x-rays from different angles and declaring I have pes anserinus bursitis, an inflammatory condition of the medial knee caused by overuse or poorly fitted running shoes. One of the many conditions referred to by athletes as "runners knee". The condition commonly known to us non Latin speaking mortals as tendinitis.

The treatment, ice it, rest it and take a handful of prescribed pain relief medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics 3 times a day with meals. Once the pain subsides a little I've been instructed to perform sets of exercises and stretches which will prevent the condition from reoccurring.

The downtime? Limit sporting activities until the pain has subsided. "How long would that be do you suppose?" I asked my doctor. "Maybe 3 weeks, it varies by case", he replied. I took that to mean 3 weeks from the injury which means I'm already a week into rehabilitation. But as I have grown quite fond of the ability to walk over the years and plan to be doing it well into my 80's and beyond, I'll give my knee as long as it needs.


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